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The SinusDocs in Montgomery, Alabama are Ear, Nose and Throat Physicians {aka Otolaryngologists}, and are the experts at differentiating true sinus disease from many other medical illnesses.

Common complaints from our patients include:

• Nasal congestion
• Headaches and facial pressure
• Abnormal Drainage
• Nasal Odor
• Facial Pain

For most patients, there are two main causes for sinus disease:

• Unfavorable or obstructed sinus drainage pathway anatomy
• Environmental factors such as allergies or airborne irritants and infectious agents like viruses or bacteria that cause inflammation of the sinus mucosal lining rendering it swollen and non-functional.

Most people with true sinus infections fall into 1 of 2 categories:

• Acute
• Chronic


“Every time I would go to my primary care physician they prescribed antibiotics and steroids for my constant sinus issues. After treatment by the SinusDocs, I finally have some real relief!”


The SinusDocs



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